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Ambitious, entrepreneurial, making the world a better place ...

If you are like the 'you' I usually work well with, you're probably quite ambitious. You've already achieved a lot of stuff that impresses others even though it seems basic to you. You've got an idea in your head and you can visualize the end result. Most people don't understand you, but at the same time they don't mistake your determination.

If you're ready to meet your next goal let me know where you need to be and I'll let you know if I can help you get there.


Problem solver, catalyst, secret weapon ...

My name is FIona and I make things happen.


My clients seem to enjoy having me around and say that I bring a unique perspective to the table. I used to think that my role was to help clients meet business objectives. Often that's true, but I also play a greater role in assisting them to achieve their core vision. They dream it, I help make it happen.


I over-think, I'm good at solving problems and I have this weird way of materializing anything I get obsessed about. I have higher expectations of myself than anyone will put on me and I am an insatiable learner. When you let me work my magic, I get it done strategically, creatively and with the least amount of work possible.

My mission is to help people doing good in the world achieve their vision.

If you think I can help you do that, please contact me.

Contact me

1 250 591 3496


My vision is to solve an insolvable problem.


My mission is to help people doing good in the world to achieve their vision.


Sleeping at night, making a difference, and working smart not hard.


If you really want me to point out a few good things about myself, here it goes

I'm a thinker. I stew over a problem until it's solved. I have a bad habit of throwing curve balls and my tough questions can be irritating; but kind of like a kale smoothie, they're good for you. I can adapt to get along with anyone, which is important if I'm going to work with your team. I'm an entrepreneur and I think far enough ahead to know what will and won't work. I don't like to spend money. I love learning and I'm a quick study - learning your industry or intricate business won't be an issue. I have a quick wit and dark sense of humour. People trust me, and they should.

Top 5 reasons we should meet

  • I make things happen

  • I get it ... quickly

  • I ask tough questions

  • I adapt to your world

  • I can solve your problems


Well-rounded input



Interim CMO

Marketing Director

Business Coaching


Duct Tape Marketing

Interim CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

This is an ideal solution If you are looking for executive leadership on your team in a marketing capacity without the commitment of a senior, full-time employee. I can work with your team to develop a marketing strategy, strengthening your brand in the marketplace and adhering to best marketing practices. We'll set up targets, a marketing calendar, budget and appropriate dashboards to monitor results. I can also begin executing your new marketing strategy, aligning tools, resources and people to roll out marketing tactics.


  • Senior marketing expertise

  • Strategic marketing planning

  • Complete web integration

  • Social media and content planning

  • Inbound (online) marketing expertise

  • Goal setting, bugeting, campaign design and monitoring

  • Please contact me to learn more.

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